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ExpressionEngine eCommerce for natural skincare


Balance Me make natural skincare beauty products. And they now have an updated and redesigned eCommerce website that gives them a cleaner look and feel to match their brand’s expression.

Andrew Fairhurst from AJF Design managed the redesign process and produced the new visual design for the site liaising with us here at BridgingUnit for our technical insight. Unlike many designers Andrew has a good feel for code too and so he was also closely involved in the build itself towards launch.

BridgingUnit took the final designs and then built out code for them ready for the tight deadline and integrated those templates with ExpressionEngine to produce a site that gives the client the flexibility to do what they need. The site is linked up via CartThrob 2 to SagePay to handle payments and features a slew of addons, both free and commercial from the wider community, and also makes use of several from our own personal back catalogue, including extensions that link into the ever-popular Freeform to provide antispam features and other that links to the client’s third party mailing list manager.

More features and functionality will be added to the site in the coming days, but why not go and visit the site to take advantage of Balance Me’s opening special offers now.

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Multilingual ExpressionEngine site for international shipping company


World Ship receive parcels on your behalf in the United States and then ship them to you wherever you are worldwide.

BridgingUnit was bought in to produce the ExpressionEngine backend for this site whose key feature was that it needed to allow for multilingual content. In this case the first alternative language is Arabic. Others are planned for down the line. So the build needed to take account not just of another language (and the potential for more), but of a right to left language too.

We set things up to allow for all content in the site to be translated, and we also created a system to allow for the inversion of the design as well as the textual content too. After all, our native left to right bias informs the basic hierarchies in our designs, so that ought to be accounted for in a right to left translation too.

Take a look at the English and the Arabic versions at World Ship.

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AVA Academia publisher’s eCommerce website


AVA Academia is a growing publishing house specialising in the field of academic textbooks on design. They produce first rate educational books to guide you through the intricacies of everything from typography to branding. They call theselves “creative publishers for the applied visual arts”.

TwoBelowZero were the development partner tasked with building the design and they engaged us to help in the ExpressionEngine development process. BridgingUnit was pleased to be approached to help work on the site, which had been designed for AVA by well-known graphic designer (and author of a handful of key books herself) Lucienne Roberts.

Our work encompassed a multitude of adjustments to keep the design tight, but also areas of functionality like search, extending areas for sharing resources between academics and students, and linking their newsletter sign up to split lists dependant on interest at their mailing list management company.

This project was a big job and we worked alongside Peter Lewis (on whose ExpressionEngine ecommerce platform their shop is running), Made by Hippo and Orionesque to make sure that the site was delivered to the client’s satisfaction.

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Multi-site manager for industrial plant maintenance and machinery


As part of our continued ongoing relationship with Versa Studio (previously exp design), BridgingUnit has just finished work on a Multi SIte Manager installation in ExpressionEngine which combined existing content in a sister site with new content in a new site - cmmscity.com, a site for Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Asset Performance Management (APM) Systems. We wrote a couple of little addons to help in this process.

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Tracking email attachments in Outlook


Attachmetric is a new add-in for Microsoft’s Outlook that tracks who has opened your attachments or clicked on links in your emails. This is a very useful tool for seeing who has engaged with your mail and, most obviously, could be invaluable for sales.

BridgingUnit was brought on board to move an existing designed site to ExpressionEngine. We took this and moulded it to ExpressionEngine’s architecture and the client’s emerging and changing needs. Amongst other things we built an ExpressionEngine addon for managing and reporting multiple referrals, tied the installation into Zendesk to provide a support capability, and coordinated the site’s transition from one server to another.

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Academic Language Services from Dutch and French to English


ALS (Academic Language Services) offers a complete academic language service for Dutch and French speaking academics who need to publish in English. Marc du Ry and Imke de Gier are both well-qualified multi-lingual speakers and able to correct or translate academic texts, books or articles between the three languages.

They needed a very simple website that lays out their stall, but which does so in an elegant and sophisticated manner that will appeal to their audience of educated academics and publishers. BridgingUnit designed their logo and created a simple, attractive and comprehensive one page site that provides all the necessary information. Dutch and French versions will follow shortly to provide a visible demonstration of their skills.

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Providing a toolkit for adult learning in Britain’s Cathedrals


CPAL (Cathedrals as Partners in Adult Learning) is an organisation that has been set up to encourage and aid adult learning throughout Cathedrals, Greater Churches and other Places of Worship. Saul Penfold drew together and wrote material that could be used as a tool kit by Education and Learning Officers and their teams. BridgingUnit designed and built a website to house this resource and will be working with Saul and CPAL to develop and extend it further in future.

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BrainTumourTrust.co.uk redesign goes live


The Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust website has relaunched again after a loving redesign (reported earlier). BridgingUnit was commissioned by Dharmafly’s ever-energetic Premasagar Rose, and closely collaborated with The Copy House’s wonderful Ellen de Vries, to produce the final visual design.

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A safe pair of hands


Cramer Pelmont are a successful, growing London-based firm of solicitors expert in commercial and residential property amongst other areas. Non Centred Design (on graphic design) and BridgingUnit (on code) paired up to deliver them a new website to present their offer and help them with recruitment. Since launch they have expanded their team and attracted more senior practitioners which has enabled them to extend to an office in Cavendish Square.

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Announcing a new wildlife photography award


Launching in 2009, the British Wildlife Photography Awards, a brand new photography competition aims to highlight the diversity of the wildlife in Britain’s environment.

Working from an initial design by Weedoo.tv and information supplied by photographic curator Maggie Gowan, BridgingUnit has provided a site providing detail about the competition and how to enter which also enables visitors to sign up to be reminded when entry submissions can be first sent in. Using ExpressionEngine allowed us to develop the site very rapidly and phase two should follow early next year.

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From bricks to clicks in Bath


A basic website showcasing the work and services for a building and renovation company based in Bath. After providing advice on alternative methods of producing the site, BridgingUnit toook a design by Weedoo.tv, modified it and then coded it up so that it could be integrated into the content management system (ExpressionEngine) that the client Bath City Renovations had wisely chosen in order to enable them to manage day to day updates to the site themselves.

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Mechanical reproduction - bringing the old to the new


Old Master print dealer Christopher Mendez is an acknowledged expert in his field. Based in London, he wanted to be able to reach out to clients around the country and the world to show his regularly changing stock - a project perfect for the internet.

BridgingUnit has designed a site that elegantly complements his existing style and which is simple, clean and doesn’t overwhelm what is most important - the print itself. He can manage all the content of the site himself through the easy interface that ExpressionEngine provides, adding items piecemeal as and when they become available so that he can rotate his stock every 3 or 4 months. He also manages his own mailing list which enables him to keep in touch with his clientele and provide them with news of latest acquisitions and so on.

It has been a particular pleasure to work on a project which involves so much visual beauty and where the subject matter itself is the result of such dedicated craftsmanship.

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Release of new ExpressionEngine plugin


ExpressionEngine is a powerful and flexible content management system that BridgingUnit loves to use on project builds. One of the great things about it is that you can extend its functionality when there’s something you need to do that it doesn’t yet do itself. On a forthcoming project we hit just such a moment and delved into the world of its add-on architecture.

And the result is a new plugin - BU Search Pagination - which was built to provide more granular control over the display of the pagination links for search results provided by ExpressionEngine’s search module. It’s a small thing, but it’s these small things that make a difference. Once we’d got it doing the things that were needed right away, ideas for further features occurred to us and so we’ve started adding them in too.

You can find the plugin now, publicly available to download for free from the dedicated page we’ve added to this site and it’s also documented in the ExpressionEngine forums where we’ll try to respond to any queries that crop up.

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Eyecatching, powerful and vibrant graphics


Signs Unlimited rebranded themselves and needed a redesigned site which was consistent with the new identity that was provided by Take Two Ltd. They came to BridgingUnit to get the job done.

BridgingUnit worked in close collaboration with Ellen de Vries who after an initial workshop planned the site’s information architecture, provided wireframes and a content specification which formed the foundation on which the new site was designed. BridgingUnit designed and developed the site, integrating it into the ExpressionEngine content management system so that updates and amendments could be more easily made by the client in a controlled fashion when the need arises. Ellen and her proof reader Roshnii Rose also provided help on the copywriting to make sure that everything flowed a bit more fluently.

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Making batter better


A playful microsite was designed by Rawww to promote a batter mix made with wholesome natural ingredients. On their behalf BridgingUnit took the design and made it happen - coding it all up and hooking the subscribe form up to the campaign’s third party mailing list management software. Go and sign up for your free sample.

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Website portfolio for a photographer


Russell Bell, a photographer in Brighton and the south east needed a portfolio to showcase his varied photographic talents. BridgingUnit produced a slick Flash and SWX driven website with lots of elegant transitions to display his photos which are pulled in from Flickr. Russell was also helped out with advice on using the social networks MySpace and Facebook so that he could get out there and promote himself.

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A flexible calling card for The Dispensary


The Dispensary required a neat little card - the size of a business card - to be used as a mini-brochure or that could be used blank as a mini-menu for special offers and the like. They provided the prototype, we produced the PDF for the printer, everyone’s happy.

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Boutique townhouse bed and breakfast in Norwich


Design of a straightforward website for 38 St Giles, a new bed and breakfast in Norwich that’s neither a hotel nor just a traditional b & b, but something much more special and personal. Run by Jan and William Cheeseman, who also own 2 fine delicatessens in Norwich, the rooms in this beautiful georgian building have been designed with a contemporary and luxurious feel that provide the comfort and style more often found in boutique hotels. The site’s design evolved as an extension to their logo (by Coco) and the flyer they’d produced for local marketing (by Kettle of Fish Design)

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New website launched for independent curator


Designed and developed a website on behalf of Weedoo.tv for Maggie Gowan an independent curator and exhibition organiser who specialises in dealing with photography of the natural world. Her latest exhibition: Exposed: Climate Change in Britain’s Backyard, which was produced for the National Trust in association with Magnum Photos, has won a Clarion Award with the IVCA (International Visual Communications Association) for its unique contribution to both business and society, and the new site was launched just in time to make the most of it. You can see more detail of the exhibition here at her site.

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Simple good-looking websites. By BridgingUnit.


Here before you now, the first tentative steps towards a new website to showcase and promote the services of web designer Aidann Bowley and associates. I couldn’t wait any longer, so here’s a beginning. More is on its way with, hopefully, answers to all your questions and, of course, examples and more detailed information about what’s available….

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London gastropub gets a website


The Dispensary, a relaxed, smart gastropub with its own restaurant and private dining room, featured in The Independent’s Posh Nosh food guide this month, which it bills as ’ A Guide to the UK’s Premier Restaurants’. Now chef patron Dave Cambridge and co-owner Annie Smith also have their own website to give people a feel for the place and a peak at sample menus. The design is a simple and elegant affair that evolved from both the aesthetics of the interior design at The Dispensary and also from the work that Angela Gilham had already done on their logo and stationary.

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website for a child and family psychotherapist


Development of a straight forward website outlining the services of Helen Watkins, a child and family psychotherapist based near Chippenham in the south west in Wiltshire. Designed by Chris Hart at Weedoo.tv.

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Arts project management system


development of private system to centralise and organise information to help plan and run arts exhibitions and events for London organisation Measure.

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learning about disability


Design of website and brochure for a young charity that sheds light on living with disability, produced on behalf of Dharmafly. See the fully coded site for JustDifferent here

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Inc. Ltd website


development of online portfolio website for a bristol production company that showcases their tv and video work. Have a look at Inc.. On behalf of Weedoo.tv.

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The 2020 Vision


Launch of a website to create discussion in the Labour party about its future direction. Read about the debates.

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website for private practice


Launch of a straightforward standards-based website for a group of private consultant radiologists. see the site.

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website for artist


Launch of a simple database generated site to showcase my own drawings of portraits and nudes, timed to coincide with an exhibition

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website for heritage showcase


A website for the heritage open days was built to showcase all the events available in Norwich.

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