A flexible and powerful Content Management System - it’s really more of a web publishing framework. It puts you in control and makes it easier for us to do our job. It’s very popular and used by thousands of companies and organisations around the world, from big, high profile websites to small sites for individuals.

If you're here, you probably already knew that and would just like some help, but if you didn't, and you'd like to know a bit more about what makes it so good, please get in touch to find out.

If you're a bit more clued up then you probably also already know that ExpressionEngine is one word, not two, and that it often gets abbreviated to EE. Read on for details of how we might help you....

ExpressionEngine Experts

Ready to help

Need some help setting up, modifying or migrating an ExpressionEngine site? Whether you just require a quick technical fix when you’re stuck, need someone to help plan configuration and select appropriate addons, or require full addon or site design and development, we can assist.

Client Development

Let us work with your organisation to understand and then build what it needs. We'll make you a website or application that's tailormade for you, which communicates clearly, achieves your goals, runs smoothly, and is easy and straight forewards for non-technical people to use.

Rescue and First Aid

Have you been abandoned by your previous developer? Does your site have issues? We've got a lot of experience dealing with scenarios like this and can help you get your website back on track, deal with any emergencies, and put a support and development plan back in place.

Support and Maintenance

You should look after the investment you've made in your website or application. We'll provide the level of aftercare you need and help plan future updates and upgrades as you need new features and the web changes, so that things are stable and keep improving.

Focussed Consulting

You've probably got lots of questions. EE is very adaptable and that means there are many approaches to achieve the same goal. Not all are as robust as one another though. Let us help you plan things efficiently, with scope to grow, and steer you forwards along the right course.

For Agencies/Designers

You take care of the design and we’ll build it for you. We can provide support to the level you require. Perhaps you don’t have capacity, need a helping hand, or maybe just need an expert fast. We communicate clearly and will handle your brand consistently and your client with care.

Custom Addons/Integrations

We can write addons to answer the unique demands of projects needing something non-standard. These could range from quick custom plugins to complex addon packages that handle applications sitting within ExpressionEngine and interact with third party services.


We're good at understanding and solving problems and we're patient and thorough. So we're often bought in to deal with the difficult parts of a job that are proving hard for everyone else, or to fix things which have gone awry. Whatever the problem, we'll figure it out and get things back on an even keel.

We're ready to help

  • ExpressionEngine for Designers
  • Partnership for Developers
  • Outsourcing for Agencies
  • Pair Programming/Second Chair
  • Custom Addon Development
  • Custom Applications
  • Full Site Design & Build
  • Ecommerce in ExpressionEngine
  • Multi-language Installations
  • MSM (Multiple Site Manager)
  • EE as API/Headless/Decoupled CMS
  • Integration with third party APIs
  • Performance & Optimisation
  • Installation & Set up
  • Upgrading from EE1
  • Upgrading from EE2
  • Upgrading from EE3
  • Upgrading from EE4
  • Upgrading from EE5
  • Upgrading from EE6
  • Addon Upgrades
  • Migration to ExpressionEngine
  • Publish Anywhere
  • Consultation & Training
  • Troubleshooting & Help
  • Maintenance & Updates
  • Ongoing Support

If you don't see what you're after, please just get in touch and ask.

Why us?

17 Years

122 Sites

88 Addons

Bridging Unit are seasoned ExpressionEngine experts. Since 2007 we've worked on dozens of different installations and were in its Pro Network from 2009 (the same year we also wrote our first addon for the platform) until EllisLab closed it 9 and a half years later.

There's not much we've not handled in our time using the system now, but we're adept at solving problems efficiently and will happily guide you through anything new. Whatever your ExpressionEngine need, we'd be delighted to help.

“Aidann’s knowledge of ExpressionEngine is second to none.
His friendly and thorough approach, attention to detail
and user-friendly output have always impressed me,
and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Matt Powell, Creative Director, Made Up Design