Wondering whether to work with us? You might be interested in what others have thought about how it all went with them. Here are some nice things that they've said over the years:

  • Aidann was briefed with a difficult development project set within very challenging parameters. The end result totally exceeded our expectations. I was grateful for his diligence, helpful approach and initiative displayed to keep the project moving forward. He is consistent and dependable and leaves no stone unturned.
    Arch Sullivan, Head of Creative and Design, Vision Nine
  • Aidann takes a measured, thorough approach to web development, is diligent in his research, and is very collegial and easy to work with.
    Ben Seigel, Principal, Versa Studio
  • In the competitive world of design there are always time and cost restraints that invariably mean compromise: something we all hate doing. So as a Creative Director I look for individuals who will give me 100%, and with Aidann from BridgingUnit I get 110%! He is intelligent and resourceful, and his understanding of the web and general design makes the process of communication straightforward. There is a golden rule in Graphic Design: 'The Promise!' and 'The Delivery!'. The two should always be the same - with Aidann it's intuitive.
    Chris Hart, Creative Director,
  • What I like about working with Aidann is this: he's not a wally.
    Paul Cripps, Director, NineFour Ltd
  • Working with BridgingUnit (Aidann Bowley) on various EE projects has been a tremendous experience. His knowledge, willingness to push the boundaries and explore options rather than opting out or dismissing them has really show us his depth of experience and professionalism when confronted with tasks. An eye for detail and a non hurried solution always ensures we receive a 1st class solution. I would highly recommend Aidann for a trusted and well executed solution.
    Gerald Glover, Director, Twobelowzero
  • Aidann is a superstar. An incredibly nice, decent chap whose results are consistently excellent. One project in particular was a very high profile design job with a very tight time window. He performed admirably. Would definitely work with him again.
    Henry Warren, Founder/CEO, Gemin-i
  • I worked with Aidann on a rather large and complex project this winter, under incredibly difficult time and budget constraints. In all my years of doing web work, I have never seen anything quite like him. The experience of working with Aidann is truly a rare one. Infallibly responsible, brilliant, willing and able to find and execute strategically fresh and completely unique solutions in seemingly every situation, I would highly recommend Aidann for any job, large or small. Not only does he really know and understand the ins and outs of ExpressionEngine, but is a great pleasure to work with, a real team player and delivers clean, well organized work on time or even early.
    Jena Starkes, Designer, Peniferella Creative
  • I have worked with Aidann for over 7 years and he has become a trusted partner for website development. I'm impressed by his sound knowledge and rigorous approach and delighted by the quality of his work done to date. Thanks!
    Jon Scott, Graphic Designer, Non-Centred
  • Aidann delivers design excellence from the big to the small and everything in between... from the grand visual experience of his designs to the very last pixel, Aidann has an almost mystical knack of hitting the nail on the head. Professional, meticulous, friendly and knowledgeable ... if he's available - I'll use him every time!
    Madhava Bailey, Co-Director, Dharmafly
  • Aidann’s knowledge of ExpressionEngine is second to none. His friendly and thorough approach, attention to detail and user friendly output have always impressed me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
    Matt Powell, Creative Director, Made Up Design
  • Aidann Bowley is professional, rigorous and reliable.
    William Hall, Graphic Designer
  • How rare to find someone with patience who also knows when to come up with helpful suggestions in order to fine-tune one's own ideas. How refreshing to have a personal one-to-one service of professional quality from someone who can join aesthetic insight with technical facility.
    Marc du Ry, Owner, Early Art Ltd
  • Aidann's work in establishing the was fantastic. He worked hard to tight deadlines and under great pressure. The end result was a first class website
    Rt Hon Alan Milburn MP, The 2020 Vision
  • Outstanding. Delivered the project to the highest standards and on time and on budget. An excellent team player with perceptive insights about what users of the website need and value. A remarkable combination of technical and communication skills.
    Robert B
  • Working with Aidann has been an absolute pleasure. He is friendly, professional, insightful and very helpful at every juncture. His patience knows no bounds! He takes his time to understand your needs and suggest the best solution that will work for all, including SEO. I really don't know what I would've done without him on more occasions that I care to count. He's an absolute superstar and an asset to the company without even the stakeholders realising it. I am so lucky to have found a priceless gem like him....
    Pam Kaur, Marketing Manager, Treco Ltd
  • It's been a pleasure to work with a web designer who doesn't suck his teeth and tell me 'it's just not that easy' the whole time, and who takes my 4 pages as seriously as I do.
    Andrew McClenaghan, Owner, Destination Film
  • Aidann has shown great professionalism and patience helping us fine tune our website, a pleasure to work with, delivering above and beyond expectations. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone wanting to produce & maintain a website.
    Beverley McFarlane, Marketing Manager, Atego
  • Aidann Bowley's work in setting up was outstanding and a credit to his professionalism and imagination. He worked very well with us as clients and we believe that the final product was of the highest quality
    Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP, The 2020 Vision
  • Thank you. You've done a fantastic job and been very attentive. I think the new website looks really very good indeed. Well done!
    Lt. Col. David Earlam, Secretary, The Pilgrims' Association
  • Aidann has been a consistently attentive and efficient operator of our web needs from inception through to the management phase. He has been helpful, instructive and flexible as we have made amendments and additions to our provision over time. I highly recommend his services.
    Dr Alexis Brassey, Managing Director, Cramer Pelmont LLP
  • I have worked with Aidann over the last couple of years and have found him to be efficient and helpful. He has offered a range of useful advice in plain English about website design and the best options for our specification and designed an eye catching and informative website for our project which has benefited its visitors greatly.
    Gillian Aird, Administrator, NIACE
  • Aidann has helped us with our website since our idea for it first arose. He is a pleasure to work with and understands the Christian ethos of our members. His patience is endless as most of our members would not consider themselves more than basically computer literate. Whenever I have a problem he responds immediately, I am sure he must despair sometimes at the triviality of my questions but he never lets me feel inadequate. I am frequently amazed how quickly he replies and then sorts out my problem. It is a great pleasure to whole-heartedly recommend Aidann as a website designer and internet consultant.
    Judy Davies, Secretary, Cathedrals Plus
  • Having worked with Aidann on several projects I am confident that the results will be exactly what I want within the timelines agreed. Creative, flexible, professional and very easy to get along with, I would definitely recommend his services.
    Caroline Roberts-Quigley, Head of Operations, Marketing & PR, Just Different
  • I have been absolutely delighted with my new website. The design is innovative and classy portraying the main subject of photography brilliantly. It works creatively as well as practically through its excellent and uncomplicated navigation. In a very short space of time BridgingUnit managed to design and create a dynamic site that fulfilled my business objectives whilst also incorporating an identity that reflected my personality and work. They have been proactive in finding creative solutions for the best possible results and a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to produce and maintain a website.
    Maggie Gowan, Director, British Wildlife Photography Awards
  • After running a printshop for 35 years I moved my business to my home but lost contact with some clients, however, since my website was launched last year I am once again in touch with a large number of mainly overseas clients who miss their visits to my gallery. Their response to the website which was created is always positive and very complimentary: 'Your website is wonderful - keep it up' (Texas, USA). 'Congratulations for such a stylish and user friendly website' (Sydney, Australia). 'Congratulations - nice website' (Amsterdam, Netherlands). 'I must say your site is excellent as the images are so clear and you can really see all the details' (London). Not only is the site user friendly and beautifully designed but Aidann took into account my Luddite tendencies and even made it a pleasure for me to use. I recommend BridgingUnit without any hesitation.
    Christopher Mendez, Owner, Old Master Prints
  • Aidann gave us exactly what we needed from our website. From beginning to end, his attention to detail has made us go from a good website to a great website that fits perfectly with our sales process and branding. His biggest contribution was to subtly challenge our original pre-conceptions on what a website should do and look like. This two-way interaction has yielded excellent results.
    Paul Das, Managing Director, ProFundCom
  • Aidann delivered a stylish website in a non English language (one unfamiliar to him) that exceeded expectations. Friendly, charming and helpful at all times, even at the end of a long day or on a weekend, he not only did what we asked of him, but came back regularly with suggestions and recommendations on both design and content that have made the website all the better. There are many web designers out there that are cheaper, but Aidann is informed, effective and his competence shows at every turn whether it be in direct dealings or in complicated arrangements with third parties. He has been a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly.
    Peter Sommer, Director, Peter Sumer Travels
  • It looks clean and fresh! Thanks for all your great efforts on the new website. It went exceedingly smoothly – all the pieces fit into the well documented and well organized structure.
    Ron Orner, President, Gallery System
  • The Eastern Cathedrals Group approached Aidann Bowley to create an exciting and informative website to help promote the cathedrals in the region. The outcome has been an excellent website, which ranks highly with the search engines and takes into account all the latest in terms of assessibility (something which we would not have been aware of without his input). His work is of a very high standard and good value and he is always willing to make suggestions for improvements.
    Sarah Friswell, Secretary, Eastern Cathedrals
  • I have worked with Aidann for the past three and a half years from his initial design and launch of our website back in June 2011, all the way through to our most recent developments. There is not any challenge that we have thrown at Aidann that he has not been able to meet, and as a growing business and brand, there have been a lot of challenges as different opportunities have come our way or as we have progressed different objectives. I am quite sure that we have been demanding clients, but Aidann has always managed to balance advising us drawing on his wide expertise and enabling us keep moving the site in the direction we have chosen. Finally as one of the brand owners, there is always a big leap of faith when we effectively hand over part of our business to the guidance of another person, but I have always felt that Balance Me has been safe in Aidann’s hands. His work is thorough, his testing exhaustive and his commitment to us never questioned.
    Sian Jones, Marketing Director, Balance Me
  • Thank you so much for a beautiful web site. Since going live I can see that business has increased and many people have commented on what a lovely site we have.
    Annie Smith, Co-Owner, The Dispensary, London
  • It was like some sort of miracle. He came and sat down and in half an hour exactly understood the essence of our business - we didn't have to talk to him for ages. It was very good value for money too. Larger businesses will have spent tons more on their sites, but ended up with a result not half as good. Our website is on message and reflects our business brilliantly. We're very pleased.
    William Cheeseman, Co-Owner, 38 St Giles
  • Aidann was recommended to us after a number of awful experiences with other web developers. Going in we of course had reservations due to past experiences but I am pleased to say that working with him has been nothing but a pleasure. He has shown a great deal of skill in his field to be able to pick up from where others left off and leave us in a better place from where we started. Not only that, but he has also been nothing but supportive about our business and we genuinely feel that he has our best interest in mind. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody looking for an expert in the ExpressionEngine field.
    Zach Hanauer, Co-Founder, Close Shave Society